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The Northwest Institute for Healthy Sexuality

Bringing multiple medical disciplines together to provide comprehensive solutions that really work

Many common urological symptoms stem from multiple or complex causes which the evaluation and treatment of can be enhanced by a multi-disciplinary medical approach. To help address this challenge, the Northwest Institute for Healthy Sexuality provides comprehensive sexual health services for both men and women. Led by Dr. Serena McKenzie, a holistic physician trained in systems approach to chronic disease, the center works in fluid collaboration with Washington Urology's staff of urologist and urogynecologist providers.

Serena McKenzie, ND

Miranda Marti, ND, LAc

Diana Wiley, PhD

Cooper Schwartz

Why take a comprehensive approach to sexual health?

Sexual health issues can stem from a variety of causes. These root causes can stem from complex psychosocial, emotional, and physical complaints, any of which can lead to chronic disease and dysfunction. Our approach at the Northwest Institute for Healthy Sexuality is to utilize experts from every applicable medical discipline to identify the underlying cause of the problem and work with patients to solve it.

For those facing ongoing medical challenges, such as a chronic disease, integrative medicine may act as an important adjunct to conventional medical care. Other patients may not be suffering from a specific ailment, but wish to increase their overall health and add more vitality to their lives.

Our approach involves combining cutting-edge medical science with proven therapies from holistic medicine and psychology. These therapies may include diet, exercise, counseling, stress management, botanical and nutrient medicine in combination with appropriate medications, surgery or other interventions that may be advised by Washington Urology Associate providers.

What type of patients utilize the center?

We see both male and female patients of all ages. Patients often work with Northwest Institute of Healthy Sexuality specialists in conjunction with their urologist. Depending on the specific issue being treated and the patient's individual situation, this approach often leads to more successful outcomes than traditional or alternative urology treatments alone.

Patients utilizing the integrative urology center should be open to trying alternative therapies to support their overall health. At Washington Urology Associates we prescribe appropriate medication as needed and recommend surgery where warranted. However, we believe it's important to look at your overall wellness as well. Our integrative medicine approaches may be used to support you before and after surgery or it may be a first step before moving toward more invasive procedures. Each patient's situation is examined individually and therapies are customized toward your specific needs.

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