Incontinence treatment

Finding the right incontinence treatment


33 million people in the United States suffer from bladder control problems.

Sometimes incontinence is an ongoing problem, in which case the cause might be:

  • the bladder cannot empty completely
  • weakening of the muscles that help to hold or release urine
  • a blocked urinary passage
  • damage to the nerves that control the bladder

Sometimes diseases such as arthritis make it hard to get to the bathroom in time and can make it even harder to control urine leakage.

Our comprehensive approach

Unfortunately, many people are often ashamed and may not discuss this problem with their doctor. If incontinence interferes with your daily routine or quality of life, seek help promptly. Our experienced board certified urologists can select from a comprehenive set of options and the latest treatments to help you get back to your daily routine worry free.

Urinary incontinence can be a complex problem to solve. Correctly identifying the cause (or causes) of the problem takes persistence, expertise and patience. Fortunately recent technological advancements make identifying the right incontinence treatment easier than ever before. At Washington Urology Associates we offer the latest in non-surgical incontincence treatment. And, of course, if non-surgical techniques aren't successful, our experienced surgeons will carefully guide you through your options.

Non-surgical incontinence treatment approaches:

Surgical incontinence treatment options:

  • Sling placement
  • Other incontinence surgeries (exact procedure varies based on individual patient need)

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