Urogynecology – Focused urological support for women

It was only in 2013 that a subspecialty board in Urogynecology was offered and approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Three Washington Urology Associates doctors have since successfully boarded in this new subspecialty. Designated as Female Pelvic Medicine & Reproductive Surgery, the new board certification recognizes the special needs of female urology patients. Women seeking medical care with prolapse, incontinence, bladder control problems and pelvic pain, can now receive care from FPMRS physicians who are specially trained and certified in this highly sub-specialized field of medicine.

What is Urogynecology?

As you might expect, urogynecology is a subspecialty combining urology and gynecology. But it's more than just a urologist for women. Urogynecology also recognizes the special needs of female urological care. These needs are not strictly physiological. Women also may need additional support such as specialized pelvic floor therapy, integrative medical support and emotional support.

Specialized experts to support you

Elizabeth A. Miller, MD

Kathryn Arendt, MD

Serena McKenzie, ND
Natural Medicine

We take a team-centered approach to your urogynecological care and we have several female providers on-staff. Our medical professionals are experts in their various specialties, which include urological surgery, obstetrics, female incontinence, pelvic muscle rehabilitation, naturopathic medicine and many other areas. Each of these providers work together on your behalf to ensure you receive comprehensive, compassionate care.

Common urogynecology services

We treat nearly all urogynecology needs at Washington Urology Associates, from simple urinary tract infections to complex surgeries perfomed with Da Vinci robotics. We have experienced staff dedicated to incontinence and pelvic floor rehabilitation and we treat all manner of kidney and bladder issues. In addition we offer some cosmetic services, including labiaplasty and Pellevé wrinkle reduction.

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